9 Ways to fix Roku audio out of sync

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9 Ways to fix Roku audio out of sync

9 Ways to fix Roku audio out of sync


Some subscribers asking about Roku audio being out of sync.

Here we will show you how to fix it now quickly.

9 Ways to fix Roku audio out of sync

Way 1:Power Cycle Your Roku Device

This is the most common step to fix an electric device’s problems.

After power cycling your Roku device, and restarting streaming, most times the audio and video will sync.

Way 2: Change Audio Settings to “Stereo”

If rebooting your device didn’t fix the problem. So you could try this method.

  • Press Home button 
  • Goto  Setting page
  • Select Audio
  • Change the audio mode to Stereo
  • Set HDMI mode to PCM-Stereo\

After doing this, you could make your device’s audio and video sync again.

Way 3: Check All Connections

If the audio is still out of sync after step1 and step 2. Please check your Internet connection.

An unstable internet connection will cause many problems like picture freezing, Audio not syncing with Video, etc….

Way 4: Disable and Enable Volume Mode on the Remote

Another method is to Disable the Volume Mode and then Re-enable it again. After doing this, many users said the audio synced with pictures again. 

If Step1, Step2, and Step 3 can not fix your problems, I recommend you try this way.

Way 5: Manually Change The Bit Rate

Another useful method is to Press the Star Button while you playing on the TV.

The method is:

  • Press Star Button to open volume settings.
  • Select “Audio Levelling
  • If it is enabled, please turn it off.

Doing this will quickly resolve your out-of-sync audio

Way 6: Clear the Cache

Another reliable way is to clear your Device’s Cache memory.

This way could fix most issues of any electronic device.

  • Goto Home page.
  • Press the Home button 5 times
  • Press up button
  • Press the Rewind  button 2 times
  • Press the Fastforward button 2 times.
  • Then the device will clear the cache, please wait 15-30 seconds until it restarts.

Way 7: Adjust Video Refresh Properties 

  • Press the Home button 5 times.
  • Press the Rewind button 3 times.
  • Press the Fastforward button 2 times
  • A Bit Rate Menu will show on the TV Screen.
  • Select the Manual Selection option
  • Selecting a lower rate until fixing the issue.

Way 8: Factory  Reset Your Roku

If none of the above methods worked for you, please reset your Roku Device.

Note: Resetting the device will lose all your saved settings and customizations.

To reset your Roku device:

  • Press the home button to go to the homepage.
  • Go to settings Page
  • Select System and go to  Advanced System Settings.
  • Select Factory Reset.
  • Follow the instruction 

Way 9: Check Your Roku Hardware for Damages

Check your Roku’s body for any physical deformation or dents, including the input ports. If there are any ruptures in the unit, there is a chance for dust to settle inside the device, triggering issues.

If there are any holes or port deformations in the Roku device that aren’t supposed to be there, contact Roku and get it patched. Alternatively, as an immediate fix, you can cover it up.

In the case of internal damage, a visit to an authorized Roku service center can help solve any fixable issues and they will clean up the internals as well, getting rid of the dust.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can sound delay be fixed on Roku?

The above methods mentioned in this article could fix all the sound problems, please read again.

Q: My Roku TV suddenly starts to lag

Please update the software to fix this problem.

Q: Why does Netflix lag on Roku TV?

 Unplug your Roku device and restart it. Ensure all the apps are soft reset. In addition, it helps to clear the RAM.

When this is done, wait for a couple of seconds before reconnecting everything back. The Netflix problem will be fixed.

Q: What can I Watch on Roku? You can watch paid and unpaid movies, television, news, etc. please visit: Roku what’s on to check all the services.

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