Delsaiptv– Over 15000 Live Channels for $7/Month

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What is Delsaiptv?

Delsa IPTV service lets you stream live tv, Movies, live tv shows, and live sports games instantly on your favorite devices. DelsaIPTV could run on any device such as Windows PC, and Android devices like mobile, tablet, android tv box, IOS, etc.

Delsa IPTV features

  • 15000+ TV Channels from 60+ Countries
  • 40,000+ Movies & TV Shows
  • SD, HD & FHD Qualities
  • Usable on Smart TV, PC, Tablet & Smart Phone
  • Support Android Box, Apple TV, Fire TV, MAG & Enigma2, … Devices

What is the price of Delsa IPTV (Price list)?

  • $1/24 hours
  • $7/1 month
  • $20/3 months
  • $40/6 months
  • $66 /1 year

What channels are on Delsa IPTV (channel list)?

Get the DelsaIPTV Channel list.

DelsaIPTV Premium Channel list

DelsaIPTV Movies list

DelsaIPTV TV Show list

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