Roku Low Power / Insufficient Power How to Fixed

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Roku Low Power / Insufficient Power How to Fixed


 “Insufficient Power: The Current USB Port on your TV will not Power this Roku Device. Please use the provided Roku USB power supply”. 

Flashing red light with an “insufficient power” warning!


My Roku device flashes this error and indicates through a red light.

Is something wrong with it?

here in this article, we have listed why it happens, and potential solutions that worked for several users to get past the error.

 Go Roku Low Power – How to Fixed

What Causes Roku Low Power or Insufficient Power Warning?

A “low power” warning indicates that at least one of the USB ports is not supplying your device with the power it needs.

There are many factors that will cause this problem

  • The cable and adapter are not plugged in properly
  • A faulty adapter or USB cable
  • The port you are using is damaged.
  • Malfunctioned Extensions
  • Not Using Direct Wall Outlet
  • Outdated Roku Device
  • Overloaded Roku Device Cache
  • Dirt or a technical/software glitch can also cause this issue

How Do I Fix Insufficient Power on my Roku?

  • Check your Adapter and the cable.

First, you need to check your adapter and the cable are Pluging correctly. Sometimes the cable will unplugs by mistake.

  • Use the Official Roku USB Cable

           Using a third-party USB cable or adapter can also cause low power issues on your Roku.

So if you’re using a third-party cable or adapter, then try using the official cable and      adapter. Connect your Roku via the original USB cable and adapter. 

  • Use Different USB Ports

USB ports themselves can get worn out over time, especially for plugging and unplugging constantly. So try to use another USB port.

  • Use Direct Wall Outlet

If none of the above fixes works for you then you need to power the Roku device directly to the wall outlet to fix the problem. Directly connecting the Roku device to the wall outlet will supply the correct voltage to the Roku device thereby fixing the problem.

  • Clear Roku Device Cache

If your Roku device working for many days, the cache will cause it unstably.

After cleaning the cache, you may resolve the problems automatically.

How to clean the Roku Device’s Cache.

  • Restart Your Roku Device

Shut down your Roku device, unplug your Roku device from the TV as well, and wait to plug it back in until your TV has completely restarted.

While you are waiting, unplug your Roku device from the TV as well and wait to plug it back in until your TV has completely restarted

  • Cool down your Overheated Roku Device

Overheating is another main reason which causes the device to run slow, crash, or start showing various problems.

if you are running the device continuously for a long time then close it and let it cool down completely.

  • Replace (or Remove) Other Cords

If you have connected the Roku device through any extension then you may encounter this problem. Therefore, here it is suggested not to use any extensions as they might sometimes get malfunctioned thereby causing the Roku device to overheat. Moreover, malfunctioned extensions also might end up causing several other issues on the Roku devices. So, remove the extensions and then try using the Roku device.

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